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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Eddie Van, Pearl, Lori and Noah got here Friday afternoon around 6:00, they were glad to get here and we were just as happy for them to be here. We made homemade pizza, they always look forward to having pizza when they come here. ( I will give you our easy recipe soon). We had a fun night just hanging out. After bath time, which is always fun they all love bath time and would stay in the tub all the time if you let them, we watched some TV and then it was time for bed, will Eddie Van was going to sleep with Papa and Pearl, Lori and I were going to sleep in the other bedroom together with Noah sleeping in the crib, that didn't work so great and I ended up sleeping with Noah, Pearl and Papa in our bed and Eddie Van and Lori sleeping in the other room. We got up late and ate breakfast and played awhile and then the kids wanted the pizza that was left over, so I warmed it up for them. We took them to their other Grandparents' and went to pickup Caitlyn and Caroline. We had hamburgers and homemade frys for supper and for dessert we had apple pie, it wasn't homemade unless you count Mrs Smith frozen pie, that you bake yourself, it was really good with ice cream. After we ate we made some crayon stars, the girls had a lot of fun with that, I used foil and lined some cookie cutters, it worked OK, not great, next time I will either use the foil cupcake pans that come the different shapes or the little silicone pans that you can get at Dollar Tree. Caitlyn and Caroline didn't spend the night, Cheryl was leaving this afternoon for a retreat for church and they wanted to be home on her last night home, she will be back Wednesday afternoon. The last picture is one I took last night from our front porch, I wish those two lights from our neighbors yards were not there, but I still like the picture.
PSALMS 27; 14
Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, l say; on the LORD.

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Sue said...

Those are great pics! I'm glad you had such a fun time with the grandkids. I had to go look at the last pic to see the lights you were talking about. I like them in there, because it adds a human element, if that makes any sense. I'm no art expert.

Hugs and Prayers,