Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last weekend when Caitlyn and Caroline were here not only did we work in the garden but we made dolls. Do you remember those dolls we made out of yarn, the ones you wrap the yarn around a book or cardboard of two different sizes, we actually used DVD covers. I thought Caroline would like them but I didn't realize how much Caitlyn would love making them, she made two of them. She ask me who taught me how to make them, I told her my Grandmother and now I was teaching them and someday they could teach their Grandchildren. Since we were using DVD covers Caitlyn ask me if we had DVD's way back then.(lol). I told her no, we used a book or cardboard.
PSALMS 34; 8
O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.


Cathryn said...

Hi There, I've not gotten around to my blogging friends much lately. Decided to stop in tonight. I think it is sweet that you taught your granddaughters something you were taught by your grandmother. A precious memory they will always have. Blessings Cathryn

bopeep said...

Cathryn, Thanks, I do have so much fun with all my Grands.
Prayers, Bo

Sharon said...

That is so sweet! I remember making them using cardboard.

bopeep said...

Thanks, Sharon, the DVD cover was handy so we used that, but cardboard was what we used (all those years ago).
Prayers, Bo

Sue said...

Hi Bo! I found where I left off last. What a fun time you had with your granddaughters! You should write the instructions for the dolls down so they will be able to refer to it if they forget how to do it when they get older. They are so cute! I had to laugh about your granddaughter asking about whether they had dvds when your grandmother taught you how to make the dolls.