Monday, March 2, 2009


We are still getting some rain, but now it is mostly snow. Pretty Snow, well it is a little wet, but it is still pretty falling. But Baby it is Cold out side. I am still ready for spring, Eddie said a little while ago he will be so glad when he can get his garden going. He already has a few things planted, his lettuce is up, he covered it up this afternoon in hopes the cold and snow will not hurt it too much. Caroline sent him an e-mail last week asking him when she could help him in his garden, he told her she could come help him as soon as it warms up a little more. I will take some picutres of them working in the garden. We had a pretty good day at work today,but we still don't have as much work as we would like.

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


Sue said...

I have had young lettuce, radish, and spinach get snowed on and survive. I hope Eddie's are OK. What I would recommend for him to get would be a cloth dealy like I got from Earl May Garden Center last year that's for putting on grass seeds. The package said you can also use them for other plants. I saw something like it in a seed catalog, and it was called a floating row cover. You can leave them on, and the rain will go through it. You take it off when the temps are warm.

I plan to reuse the one from last year, like I showed in my blog, but am thinking about trying to get a cold frame to get it even warmer for the plants.


Dresden Plate said...

We are planting the first young lettuce in the greenhouse...and hoping! Outside we use a sort of fleece to cover delicate plants, the rain can penetrate it, but it keeps out the frost.

bopeep said...

Thanks Sue, Eddie said you are right about the row cover and that is what he uses.
Dresden Plate, I hope your lettuce does good. I can't wait to eat some.
Prayers, Bo