Monday, March 16, 2009


God is always good to us, we go through a lot of things, but he is always there for us. Week before last Amanda had an accident with their van, a lady pulled in front of her in the parking lot at Walmart, no one was hurt, but the van was totalled, they found another one last Friday, it is a couple years older then the other one but they got a good deal on it and it will be paid for next year. I went to church at Amanda's Dad's church yesterday, Van (Amanda's Dad) has been having some problems with his heart not beating in rhythm. While at church yesterday he had that problem and Gloria (Amanda's Mom) had to take him to get it checked out, they kept him over night but he is doing good now. Then today Amanda called to say that their church was broken into last night, they went in the fellowship hall and ram sacked it and then went in Sammy's office and stole his laptop and the memory stick,that he had a lot of his sermons stored on and most all the stuff that went with his laptop. My Prayer for that is that the person that took it will read some of those sermons and get Saved !!!!

1 Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation.
2 He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.


Anonymous said...

Goodness! I'm so sorry about all of this. It is a terrible time indeed when people break into churches and steal church property. Our church was burglarized last Thanksgiving. The thieves were well organized. They overpowered the security guards, locked them in a closet, and then stole all the large screens in the sanctuary. We were shocked. I will be praying for all of these situations. I know that somehow, they will all work together for the good of all those involved!

bopeep said...

Thank You, Miss Linda,
I know God will some way work through this.
Prayers, Bo

Sue said...

Hi Bo,
That's a good attitude to have, hoping whoever stole the computer will read the sermons and get saved. Just recently, someone acted like he was the armor car person picking up the offerings for deposit at a local church. Most of the offerings were checks, and I don't remember how much was cash, but part of that was for a special offering for a missionary or something.

I'm glad no one was hurt in the car accident, and they were able to replace the vehicle.