Thursday, December 25, 2008


Caitlyn's cat Pearl's bear

Caroline's cat

Lori's bear

I Pray you have all had a great Christmas, our's has been really great, the kids were here last night, we all had a good time, I am posting pictures of the quilts I made for the Grands, I will post the Granddaughters first and then do another post for the Grandson (for some reason I can't post but five pictures on a post) they really like their quilts. We gave Caitlyn a pink BB gun too, I am not sure who liked it most her or Jason, she is a Daddy's girl, they were both all smiles. We also gave Eddie Van a BB gun, he loves his too. We all went outside to shot the guns after all the gifts were opened. Pearl got a helmet, knee and elbow pads and a Pix O's kit, that not only does she love but soooo does her Mom, I know what to get her next year 'LOL'. Caroline and Lori each got a V motion game. And Noah got the cutest ride on toy, he was so cute, the seat opens up and you can put these in it , he was picking up the toys and putting them in it.


Anonymous said...

These are absolutely adorable! You are a very accomplished sewer, to be able to create something like this. I'm quite sure I would just make a big mess if I attempted something like that! I know your grandchildren will treasure these.

bopeep said...

Miss Linda, Thank You sooo much, I do Love sewing, and most especially for my Grands. I did by the way have a pattern for these.

Sue said...

What adorable quilts you made for your grandkids! They will enjoy snuggling up in them!

bopeep said...

Thank You, Sue, they do seem to love them.