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Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is Caroline on her first day of kindergarten, this was taken Tuesday. She loves it, I ask her today if she had learned anything yet, she said yes, she had learned the rules.

Caitlyn and Caroline spent last night and today with us, we had a good time. Caitlyn called Thursday night and said she already knew what she wanted for supper, Granny's Pizza, they enjoy making them with me as well as eating them. We put what was leftover in the frig.....that is what Caitlyn had for breakfast.

Caitlyn said.... 'you might be a redneck if...you ride your tractor to check the mail'.......will this is Caroline and Pawpaw going to check the mail, they had picked the grapes and then they went to get the mail....they were having a good time together.

MATTHEW 22; 37

Jesus said unto him, Thou Shalt Love The Lord Thy God with All Thy Heart, And All Thy Soul, and with All Thy Mind.


Sunday Girl said...

How sweet! My grandson also had his first day of kindergarten this year. On his 4th day he and a friend were running to get in line to go back inside when my grandson fell and slid across the pavement. He skinned one whole side of his face. He cried and cried the nurse said. Well unfortunately I don't think it will be the last time.

bopeep said...

Bless his heart..I Pray he will be all better soon.....I am sure you are right...it will not be the last time.
It is so good to see you on here again..it has been a while..I Pray all is well.
Prayers, Bo

The Japanese Redneck said...

Cute girls. Love the redneck joke.

bopeep said...

Thanks, Ramona...I guess you do love the redneck joke....Caitlyn loves jokes...she is always telling one or two....
Prayers, Bo

Sue said...

What fun! I'd like to go check my mail on a tractor! What sweet grandchildren you have!

bopeep said...

Sue,thanks...we do Love the Grandkids....we also love living in the country...and going to check the mail on the tractor.
Prayers, Bo