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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Cheryl got out of the hospital today, she is doing better. She will have to have lipotripsy soon, maybe next week, I don't think they know the date yet. Jason's appointment went OK too. They really didn't tell him any thing today. They are still talking surgery. The girls were happy that Mommy was home and after we ate they and Jason were on their way to pick her up from her parents house. The girls were not sick anymore after last night. Eddie said they really didn't eat much today though. Thank You for your Prayers. GOD IS SO GOOD !!!!
My team won the national championship last night "GO TARHEELS" I stayed up to watch all of the game, it was around midnight when it went off. I am planning on going to bed a lot earlier tonight.
Eddie and I went out before dark to cover up the strawberry plants and a few more plants, it is suppose to frost tonight. We have had some really warm, almost hot days, but it is really going to be cold tonight. With the warm weather we have had the strawberries have a lot of blossoms on them and we sure didn't want to let it frost on them.
PSALMS 107; 8
Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!


Sharon said...

I hope your strawberries didn't freeze! We had a freeze too after all this warm weather and we think most everything will be okay. It might have bit a few blueberry blooms.

Sharon said...

I meant to also say I'm glad Cheryl is home and hopefully feeling much better. Praying that Jason's wrist will not have to have surgery.

bopeep said...

Thank You, Sharon, Our strawberries did just fine, we didn't get frost at our house.
Thank You for Praying for Jason and please keep him in your Prayers.
Prayers, Bo