Thursday, October 30, 2008


We had our wounderful lunch today "HUM HUM", our friend that cooked the pig did a Great job, he had it there right on time, we all enjoyed way tooooo much, along with the pig we had sweet potatoes, potato salad, slaw, baken beans, pasta salad, collards, hush puppies, pig pickin cake, seven layer cake, strawberry short cake , chocolate cake with white mountain frosting and iced tea. It was all sooooo good. Then we had to finish our days work, that was the hard part.

From the looks for the chocolate cake I think I can say they enjoyed it, the pic of the strawberry short cake is the one I made for Dear Hubby, as you can see he still has a lot of it left to eat, I guess I will have to help him with that 'LOL'. They ate all but a little bit of the strawberry short cake I took to work, so I gave the rest to one of my friends, she said her daughter would really enjoy it.

I am off work until Monday so I am planning on working on one of the quilts I am making for the Grandkids, I am also going to Vote in the morning. Then after that I plan on going to the Quilt show, I am really looking forward to that, I have never been to one before, but now that I have a chance and it is so close, I am going.


150: 4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.


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